Shadow Affirmative

What is Shadow Affirmative?

Shadow Affirmative is for anyone struggling with their sexuality and desire. It is solution focused counselling, mentoring and support for people worried, ashamed or even just confused by what calls to them and appeals to them.

Shadow Affirmative can support you in exploring your full potential, live a happier, sexier and more wholesome life. It is a hand offered to anyone on their way to self-acceptance, exploration and discovery. It is a way of looking at your needs and desires, especially those that seem dark or taboo.

Even that which you see as the darkest part of you IS you. It has a deep, profound — sacred, if you will — essence to it. It deserves to be reunited with light. It deserves to be faced, to be witnessed and known. And that exactly is at the core of what I do.


  • Better sex life
  • Improved relationships, tips and tools to use with any partner
  • Less stress and tension, improved sense of wellbeing through connecting with your desire
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Learning more about yourself, your sexuality and gender identity
  • Exploring and learning exciting new things

I can help you with

  • Getting in touch with your desire and exploring it
  • Fear and anxiety around your desire
  • Guilt, doubt, confusion about your sexuality
  • Negative body image issues
  • Low self confidence
  • Understanding, learning about and finding quality information about kink, BDSM, conscious sexuality, polyamory, safe sex, coming out… and more.
  • Figuring out how YOU can have fun and experience more pleasure
  • Answering questions that may have arisen as you grow and learn and discover new things

Does this look like something you could benefit from? Do you want to know more about how it works


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